A Letter from the Editor-In-Chief: There is no Excuse for Racism and Police Brutality

By Brie Thompson-Bristol

As I have continued to sit at home with family, counting the days of my life in quarantine, I can not help but weep. I am weeping for my community, I am weeping for my peers, and I am weeping for African Americans, Africans, and Black persons as we continue to battle against the hatred and bigotry that has threatened us since birth. I weep for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade who have been slaughtered by the United States police. I weep for the innocent protestors who scream in pain with us as we watch our black blood spread on the pavement all over broadcast news. 

But most of all, I weep for these victims’ families and friends whose lives are now changed forever.

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UMass to ZoomMass: Students frustrated over administration’s management of COVID-19

By: Elienishka Ramos Torres

After a series of vague emails and unclear decisions from the UMass administration these past two weeks, thousands of students have voiced their anger for the university’s decisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Natural Hair Stories-Part Three

by Desire’ Jackson-Crosby and Cynthia Ntinunu

What is hair? Is it just a follicle on the top of one’s head? Or is it a piece of you that evokes certain feelings? The natural hair journey is a unique experience for anyone who goes through it. For some it’s a straightforward journey and for others there’s a lot to unpack.

This project allowed 11 people to relive and share their natural hair journeys-from their struggles to their triumphs. Below are the last three people for the natural hair stories series.

Lora-Kenie Deronville

In her own hands

One might suspect that the hair that grows from someone’s scalp is their responsibility. At a certain age, they’re the ones who are to care for it. For Umass student Lora-Kenie Deronville, her independence in this area was only recent. Until the age of 18, her mother was the one to care for and style Deronville’s hair.(Click the image above to read the full story)

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GIRLS: Yung Baby Tate’s Anthem for Every Woman

Image result for yung baby tate girls

By Lucia Solorzano

Yung Baby Tate is an impressive rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her newest album, GIRLS (released on Feb. 5), celebrates the different angles of her own womanhood and self in an empowering, fun, and expressive way. In her self-produced album, Yung Baby Tate’s sound is unique and bouncy, matching her vibrant and impeccable fashion style. The album features other talented rappers and singers including Bbymutha, Killumanti, Mulatto, Kari Faux, and Baby Rose.

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The Moments We Travel To

By Brianna Silva

X’s dog died on a Thursday. It made X very sad because they loved Thursdays. Stupid dog. X knew the dog didn’t plan when to die, but they wished it would’ve at least died on literally any other day of the week. Like Sunday. Or Tuesday. But no, the dog died on Thursday while X was at work. So when X came home and found the dog on the floor covered in its own food, X lost it. The damn dog died on a damn Thursday.

* * *

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If You Love Someone

By Brianna Silva

The stars above my bed twinkle softly,
Bathing us in glowing blues, greens and pinks.
Our bodies feel like two figure skaters,
Pushing and pulling.
No part of the body goes untouched.

His hand slithers around my neck and yanks my neck up.
Eyes are the window to the soul,
But I swear his are soulless.
His slimy worm-like tongue wriggles around my ear,
And he softly whispers,
“I love you baby.”

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