Flaws N All

By: Léa G. Rohrbasser

This poem was inspired by my desire to emphasize the point that nobody is perfect; it is impossible to be, and in-fact inhuman, to be “perfect”. Society has so many standards and expectations made for us to follow, but the truth is that these “rules” are all literally made up. We are all imperfectly perfect. It was important for me to use the letter “N” in the title “Flaws N All”, because in this form of reading “N” can have several interpretations; one being “Flaws and All”, another being “Flaws in All”… again reiterating the point that each and every one of us is flawed.

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The Challenges of Being Biracial: A Column

By Jordyn Kamara

The most frequently asked question I get is, “so what are you?” 

But it’s much more than appearing half white, and half black. My identity traces back to where my family originates:  Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Africa, and Trinidad. Navigating this world as a person of “mixed-race” is fascinating to say the least. However, understanding where I belong in this world, continues to be difficult. Identity crises are very common among people of mixed race. Throughout my life I felt as though I never fit in fully with my white friends or black friends. 

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Bias-Incidents are on the rise (again) at UMass, and students aren’t satisfied with the university’s response.

By Tristan Smith

The shouts of derogatory names could be heard from the rooftops. Nazi Swastikas have been  drawn on the whiteboards. Racist and homophobic slurs have been engraved onto the communal bathroom walls. Signs that proclaimed: “Black Lives Matter,” were stripped down and torn to pieces. 

At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, many can attest that hate has been a trend on campus for years.

According to the UMass Amherst bias-incident report page, there have been approximately 42 reported hate-incited incidents on campus over the past two years. Recently, two have occurred since the start of the new academic year. 

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A Job to Die For

By Nat Luftman, Alice Troop, and James Cordero

Being a Residential Assistant (RA) or a Peer Mentor (PM) at UMass Amherst is a true honor. In our roles as the Residential Life staff who support students living on campus, we have built meaningful relationships with dozens of residents and have fostered various living-learning communities. Thanks to our status as unionized workers, we are able to collectively bargain for dignified working conditions and wages. 

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Trustee Woolridge: It’s Time for UMass to Live Up to Its Promise

By: UMass Amherst Racial Justice Coalition

Recently, Victor Woolridge, a member and former Chair of the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees, wrote an article calling upon America to acknowledge its history of anti-black racism and take concrete steps to achieve racial justice. We, a group of UMass students advocating for racial justice, wish to comment on Woolridge’s message. One of the few Black members of the Board of Trustees, Woolridge is, to our knowledge, the only member of the Board to publicly write about the need for systemic change following the death of George Floyd. Overall, we commend Trustee Woolridge for acknowledging the need for systemic change for racial justice–yet, that he is the only member of UMass’ Board of Trustees to publicly do so indicates that the UMass system itself has much work to do.

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UMass to ZoomMass: Students frustrated over administration’s management of COVID-19

By: Elienishka Ramos Torres

After a series of vague emails and unclear decisions from the UMass administration these past two weeks, thousands of students have voiced their anger for the university’s decisions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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New York City Rapper Pop Smoke Murdered During Home Invasion. How Will Rap Lovers React?

By: Brie Bristol & Elienishka Ramos Torres

On Feb. 19, rap fans worldwide were left in shock upon hearing the unexpected death of 20-year-old NYC rapper Pop Smoke. 

According to TMZ, an early morning emergency call was placed to Smoke’s Los Angeles rental home. Two gunmen broke into the house around 4:30 A.M PST firing multiple shots. 

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Natural Hair Stories-Part Three

by Desire’ Jackson-Crosby and Cynthia Ntinunu

What is hair? Is it just a follicle on the top of one’s head? Or is it a piece of you that evokes certain feelings? The natural hair journey is a unique experience for anyone who goes through it. For some it’s a straightforward journey and for others there’s a lot to unpack.

This project allowed 11 people to relive and share their natural hair journeys-from their struggles to their triumphs. Below are the last three people for the natural hair stories series.

Lora-Kenie Deronville

In her own hands

One might suspect that the hair that grows from someone’s scalp is their responsibility. At a certain age, they’re the ones who are to care for it. For Umass student Lora-Kenie Deronville, her independence in this area was only recent. Until the age of 18, her mother was the one to care for and style Deronville’s hair.(Click the image above to read the full story)

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GIRLS: Yung Baby Tate’s Anthem for Every Woman

Image result for yung baby tate girls

By Lucia Solorzano

Yung Baby Tate is an impressive rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Her newest album, GIRLS (released on Feb. 5), celebrates the different angles of her own womanhood and self in an empowering, fun, and expressive way. In her self-produced album, Yung Baby Tate’s sound is unique and bouncy, matching her vibrant and impeccable fashion style. The album features other talented rappers and singers including Bbymutha, Killumanti, Mulatto, Kari Faux, and Baby Rose.

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