“Streets of Seoul” performances (photos)

An audience member is invited to spare with an Amherst College Kendo practitioner. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)

On Friday, Feb. 8, The University of Massachusetts Korean Student Association hosted its second annual “Streets of Seoul” performances in the Campus Center Auditorium.

Close to around 300 students from across the Five Colleges were in attendance, filling up the auditorium wall to wall. As the night went on, Korean pop blared from the speakers as friends grouped around roundtables adorned with miniature trees with white Christmas lights.

Audience members and performers had the chance to grub on an assortment of Korean street food, ranging from Kimchi fried rice and spicy rice cakes to chicken wings and pork fried dumplings.

Performers included dance routines by the UMass and Smith Korean Dance Clubs, a sparing match between Amherst College Kendo members, a rap performance by trio Kimchi Gang, and a diabolo (Chinese yoyo) performance by the UMass TASC Force.

Members of Amherst College Kendo demonstrate their practice to the audience. Kendo is a traditional martial art that originated in Japan and Korea. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)
Five College students were spread across the Campus Center auditorium in anticipation of the performances. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)
A moving duet by student singers Solomon Wang and Jennifer Jeong. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)
Audience members and performers anxiously lined up for street food catered by Cana Korean Restaurant. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)
Diabolo showcase by members of the UMass TASC Force. (Ethan Bakuli/Rebirth Project)

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