Love is…

Love is when her mood affects your mood, It takes over your body
A feeling of no control,  though none is wanted
Love is the uncontrollable smile that comes across your face when she’s around,
It’s so genuine no way can you can have a frown
Love is being chest to chest, heart to heart 
Matching pound by pound 
Lovely synchronized with each passing moment 
and when the pounding of each others heart is apart, 
it stays consistent
Love is many wonderful things but one thing it is not is a One-Way street
Nor 50/50 more 100% from from both sides
So when Love like this comes along in your life don’t take it lightly because 
Love like that may only come around once in a LifeTime

Lost All You
I want to feel ya warmth 
Tha feeling of your body touching mine
sparks a fire within me and I believe your fire merges with mine,
It’s crazy that I feel this because I thought this feeling was only one of a kind.I look up to stars for guidance but nothing can be seen inside the grey skies 
So instead I chose to look into your beautiful brown eyes, Falling deep into an abyss 
Where I found your warmth and I start to want it to be mine
My five senses tangle and I feel the opening of my third eye, 
Just the smell of you triggers me and I don’t know why 
and the thought you alone makes me want you to be mines

To the girl that couldn’t give my all too.

The first thing I want to say is that I never met someone as incredible as you. I mean your presence alone lefts my spirit and mind, Every time we are together you touch my heart and I hope this feeling is neutral. I mean honestly I never thought I’d smile when someone flips me off but when you do it I can’t help it

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