Natural Hair Stories-Part Three

by Desire’ Jackson-Crosby and Cynthia Ntinunu

What is hair? Is it just a follicle on the top of one’s head? Or is it a piece of you that evokes certain feelings? The natural hair journey is a unique experience for anyone who goes through it. For some it’s a straightforward journey and for others there’s a lot to unpack.

This project allowed 11 people to relive and share their natural hair journeys-from their struggles to their triumphs. Below are the last three people for the natural hair stories series.

Lora-Kenie Deronville

In her own hands

One might suspect that the hair that grows from someone’s scalp is their responsibility. At a certain age, they’re the ones who are to care for it. For Umass student Lora-Kenie Deronville, her independence in this area was only recent. Until the age of 18, her mother was the one to care for and style Deronville’s hair.(Click the image above to read the full story)

Praise Edokpa

From insecurity to acceptance

Do you 100% love your hair right now? For Praise Edokpa the answer is “yes.” Yet that wasn’t necessarily the answer at the beginning of her natural hair journey. (Click the image above to read the full story)

Paola Bretous

Change of scenery, change in hair.

Florida wasn’t a very diverse experience for Paola Bretous. The political science major lived in a predominantly White and Hispanic area in Florida and naturally wanted her hair to conform to her surroundings.(Click the image above to read the full story)

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