If You Love Someone

By Brianna Silva

The stars above my bed twinkle softly,
Bathing us in glowing blues, greens and pinks.
Our bodies feel like two figure skaters,
Pushing and pulling.
No part of the body goes untouched.

His hand slithers around my neck and yanks my neck up.
Eyes are the window to the soul,
But I swear his are soulless.
His slimy worm-like tongue wriggles around my ear,
And he softly whispers,
“I love you baby.”

The words echo throughout my bones.
His body strangles my lungs.
The air absorbs our salty friction.
It swallows me in its thick fog.
My head is slamming the wall.
I can’t feel my skin anymore.
I can’t feel my face.

The stars are dancing above his head.

I feel green.

The color sits in my throat,
Waiting to pounce on him.
He flips me over faster than my stomach can strike.
I swallow my puke.
Over and over.
Because I love him,

This is what you do if you love someone, right?

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