Quarantine Thoughts

By: Brian Choquet

naps ranging from

3 a.m. to late noon 

the same day

i’m in 11th grade once 

more stuck in a corpse

with beard stubble and

& knowledge worth a

bachelor’s degree recreating

summer vacations before 

2016 – Humid, Dry, Worn


americana Summer if seasons

nevertheless subsist in quarantine

Bubble Boy on the T.V., a

hypochondriac, a 

shred of toilet paper

abandoned on the seat 

Charmin wings dyed 

with a cough but

had leukemia 

In the class of youth

that’s convinced our lungs

are healthy 


though, if you’d ask each 

character of a slasher flick

if they think they’ll be alive

when credits take over the screen

they’d all say yes

but also inquire 

why they are the movie

but – 

but it’s eternally a trick question 

expect to wither from germs        

just in case

so you have your will ready for

grandpa to feel after your ash 

spreading on the bank facing


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