A Letter from the Editor-In-Chief: Say their Names

By Brie Thompson-Bristol

I never forget that I’m a person of color, but I especially never forget that I am a black person. 

The police brutality against persons of color has never ceased. One of the police’s first purposes was to be a watchman for slaves. However, now they have evolved to the extreme. They have evolved to the point where it is “unnatural” for BiPOC people to drive or walk back alone from an event. 

This week Duante Wright and Adam Toledo were murdered by their local police, sending another continuous outcry into our streets. We are devastated. 

We are scared, and we are tired. 

The BiPOC community should not be target practice for these police officers who have more years of experience in the force than I have years in my life. 

We demand justice. 

The BiPOC community should not have to expose themselves to continuous trauma at the hands of these corrupt “protectors.”

During this time, I urge you to reflect on this injustice and the many more before it. I encourage you to understand the violence against these peaceful persons performing daily activities. 

I urge you to understand that our pain is not performative. 

The Rebirth Project team vows to play its part in ensuring accountability and protection for persons of color. As we have expressed various times, we value diversity through all outlets as we continue to report on community values and concerns. 

I want to remind you that we are still with you in this ongoing fight against racism, police brutality, and racially motivated murders, and you can count on this publication to assist you further. 

Please stay healthy, and please check in on your loved ones. 

Brie Thompson-Bristol


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