NAACP’s ‘Be Revolutionary’ March in Photos

By: Tashanna Johnson

Photos are from the ‘Be Revolutionary’ march hosted by the UMass Amherst Chapter of the NAACP (National Association of the Advancement of Colored People) on Thursday, October 14 2021. This march took place after a series of racist incidents targeting Black students on campus occurred in September. Racist incidents on campus have been occurring for years.

Students stand at march. Signs read from second in on the left. “WE NEED CHANGE / ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” ; “HOLD UMASS ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALLOWING HATE” ; “BLACK STUDENTS MATTER”


“In years past on-campus newspaper have had places for black people…. people are putting their bodies and statements out there and their demands… This is how change happens. Change happens with dialogue and being present out here.”

Amilcar Shabazz
Afro-American Studies Professor

Students at march. White sign, written on it “HATE US CAUSE THEY AINT US!”

 “It was honestly all the black orgs together with the NAACP that’s how we were able to stay successful… We are so grateful that a lot of people showed up… It showed that they did really care about the community like that. This event needed to happen to show students that they have a support group. That they can always count on the black organizations on campus to stand for them, to fight for them, to advocate for them. Even when UMass isn’t doing it. We are so grateful that it was successful even though some of the vice-chancellors locked their doors, which was really disrespectful.”

Tina Noël
President of UMass Amherst Chapter of NAACP. Class of ’22, biology major.

Students at march. White sign reads “OVER IT.” . Brown sign reads “BLACK STUDENTS MATTER”

“No Justice No Peace”

“Black Students Matter”

“What do we want CHANGE! When do we want it NOW!”

Student chants

Students walking inside Whitmore Administrative Building. Students sign has graphic of raised fists, and megaphone. Sign reads in red text “WE NEED CHANGE!” and in black “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!’. Student is holding NAACP’s list of demands to UMass.

Students marching in Whitmore Administrative Building. Signs from far left: “BLACK STUDENTS MATTER / MEET OUR DEMANDS” ; “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

Students marching past South College. Sign reads “BLACK STUDENTS MATTER”.

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