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Fall 2017 Music Suggestions

Brent Faiyaz

Orginially from Baltimore, Brent Faiyaz moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. He write heartfelt and intimate R&B songs. He layers his voice, beats, and instrumentals beautifully. Most noticeably, he recently came out with his debut album entitled Somber Son, which speaks to a lot of his past and current life experiences in a vulnerable and real way.

Suggested songs:

    • First World Problemz/Nobody Carez
    • Talk 2 U

Brent’s Soundcloud

Maxine Ashley

Maxine Ashley is a Puerto-Rican American singer/songwriter from Bronx, NY. Her sound is contemporary R&B with electronic and soul beats. Her music is extremely versatile, growing up in NYC looking up to influences such as India Arie, Alicia Keys, and Salsa music. Many of her music videos play around with different sounds and looks, along with covers of songs such as Murder She Wrote by Chaka Demus & Pliers.

Suggested songs:

  • Between You and I
  • By Your Side

Maxine’s Soundcloud

Maxine’s Youtube


Tesellated, or Joshua Meeks, is a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Jamaica. He started making music when he was 16 and has continued creating into University. His music fuses his various musical influences to create smooth beats with electronic and instrumental influences. His music has a light smooth feeling, and as he describes “from the tropics spreading good vibes”.

Suggested Songs:

  • Searchin’
  • Pine & Ginger with Amindi K. Fro$t & Valleyz

Tessellated’s Soundcloud


Originally born in Northern Peru, Alejandro Chal immigrate to the united states with his parents as a young child. Growing up in Queens , NY, he made beats and raps with his friends. His songs are smooth r&b/hip-hop with a trippy sedated feeling to them. His music is perfect to vibe out too, with mixture of Spanish and English.

Suggested Songs:

  • Love n Hennesy
  • Perdoname

A.CHAL’s Soundcloud