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What Does Black Excellence Mean to You? (Vox-Pop)

By: Steven Turner-Parker

Ubuntu means “I am because we are.” As black history month comes to a close, Black student organizations had many events on this campus that embodied Ubuntu community elements and showcased what black excellence looks like. With that said, I decided to find some of these fantastic people on this campus to ask them an important question: What does black excellence mean to you?

What Do You Love About Yourself?-Vox Pop(audio)

by Cynthia Ntinunu

Love. It’s a four letter word that has so much meaning to it. We love things. We love concepts. We love others. But what about loving ourselves? In a world that likes to tell you what you should look like, act like, and think like, it can be hard to look at yourself and say ‘I love me’. 

I took to the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus to ask a simple question: What do you love about yourself? Listen to what people had to say: 

What do people at UMass Amherst love about themselves? We find out!